Todays picture: My eyes are telling the things that words can’t say…

This holiday I painted my room. I didn’t like the old colors (black/red) anymore, so I decided to make the red walls white. My room is much more natural now. I really like the result. I can make some pictures soon if you guys want me to…

I go to my mum for the rest of the week, because it’s (autumn)holiday right here in Holland/’s-Hertogenbosch. My sweet stephsis is turning 18 tomorrow, so there’s a big party this weekend! I’ll tell you more about the party in my next post. My mum and I are going to shopshopshop this weekend to, I’m very excited because it’s a long time ago since we did that together for the last time.

That’s it for now, I’m still looking for followers by the way.

cry for you

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  1. I like your blog, leuk die achtergrond.
    en shoppen is heerlijk! haha.



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