Live like every minute can be your last.

Hi there! WEEEEKEND, YAY! I just finished the last schoolday of this week, finally! Today and yesterday my head was like, exploding. I had a terrible headache. I am going to the city with my neece tomorrow, time to buy some new clothes! Tomorrow evening I have a bithday party of a good friend of mine. I'll try to make some pictures at the party, to post on this blog. I can't promise you guys, but I'll try! I didn't make any pictures on monday, so I have some old ones for you! First one; Me and my mum, second one; little me (3yrs).

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  1. Hi Demi!

    Thank you so much for the sweet comment! Feel free to come back to my blog whenever you want!! :)

    Wow, you were such a cute little girl!!!




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