Stylish blogger award!

Yay, I got it! And not only once.
Florine, Lisanne & Ellen gave it to me last week. I didn't have the time to write the good news on my blog because I was sick, but here they finally are, the 10 facts about me;

1. My family is the most important thing in my life, without them my life would'nt be complete. I can tell them anything, and they're always there for me when I need them. I just LOVE them!

2. I used to be very shy. When people said one word to me, my head looked like a big red tomatoe. And now, now I talk to everyone. Ok, thats a lie. But I can say what I think without being shy. The world has to know I'm here, and I will never be the old me again. Let's be honest, the world is a better place if you dare to say what you think, and enjoy every minute
of your life. AMEN. ghehe

3. My parents are divorced since I was 10 years old. I live with my dad and his girlfriend right now. That's not always easy, because I used to live with my mum until a couple of months ago. The fact that they are divorced for such a long time, ensures that I am used to it right now. I can't even imagine how it was before they broke up.

4. I love snack a jacks! You must know them; the rice waffles with a nice flavour. I prefer the paprika/bbq flavour. I don't eat them a lot, but when I start eating them I can't stop until the package is empty. I know, it's unhealthy but I can't help it..

5. My heart melts when I see a little child. Every little thing is cute, and the only thing I'm tinking when I see one is; AHW! That's one of the reasons why I want to become a teacher.

6. I still like kids movies. I can laugh so hard about the animation things. The last kids movie I saw is; Despicable me. I can't get the 'it's so fluffy!!' part out of my head.

7. I'm terribly afraid of small animals. Spiders, dragonflies, little fishies and many insects are freaking me out.
I can't help it. When I see one, I walk away as quickly as possible.

8. Every week I promise myself to post a message on my blog every day, but I never do.. Sometimes I just don't know what to write, and sometimes I just forget to. I really try it, but I'm not the fanatic blogger who jumps behind her computer on the end of every day..

9. I'm a real slob. I clean my room once a week, and one hour after cleaning it's a big mess again. I keep telling myself it's al about my age.. Almost every 17-year-old has a messy room right?

10. I'd prefer a bit of time with my friends before I get on my homework. That's not always a good idea, I know. But I keep doing it. I think most of you can understand it. And so what? Homework can wait until the late hours, my friends don't...

And now; the lucky ones who will get a stylish blogger award too; Ellen, Manon, Guus, Manon, Sam, Judith and Mirjam
What do you have to do?
- put 10 facts about yourself on your blog
- tell everyone who gave you the award, just like I did
- Give the award to the people who deserve it

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Haha dankjewel! ♥
    Jij hebt 'm ook van mij gehad (:

    Vaker posten eh! Niet vergeten :P

  2. Dankjewel, heel lief van je! :)
    ik hou ook van snack-a-jacks! die zijn echt superlekker :D en mijn kamer is ook √°ltijd weer een bende.. gewoon hopeloos! iedere keer houd ik mezelf voor om het netjes te houden maar het lukt gewoon niet haha

  3. gefeliciteerd dat je die award had gekregen(:


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