We call it 'Propje'

I never write about my lovely cat, so this is the momend! (I also have a sweet dog, but you'll hear about him soon in one of my next posts) It's sad to see how hard they grow, I miss the good old days. He was so cute when we got him. Now he is a big, fatty catty. I really think he's a little to heavy, but I really don't care because he's perfect as he is! Oh I love him, and I can't live without him anymore. Do you have a pet? I would like to see a picture of your baby to!

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  1. hihi sweet ik heb even geen foto van mn kat maar ik heb 2 katten =)
    heidie en saartje!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Yours is lovely. Dont forget to follow me!

    Redhead In Law

  3. He's sooo cute. What breed is he? I want to see your dog too!

  4. hello Demi,
    Thank you for dropping me a sweet line today.
    I am following 27gingersnap. Have a nice day!

  5. Ah haha so cute,
    ik hou echt van veels te dikke dieren XD
    Weet niet of 't zo gezond is, maar het ziet er altijd zo supergrappig en lief uit!

    &Bedankt voor je reactie,
    ah echt jammer, het is indd. ook veel geld... Volgend jaar zullen ze (als die BTW invoering doorgaat) iets van 190 euro worden! Dat is wel echt ongelooflijk duur :S...

  6. super cute! i have a sweet baby kitty, too. :) they are just the best.


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